Despite the vagaries of international finance and the stagnation of global growth, Asia continues to develop its growth to eventually become the world's largest economy, ahead of Europe and the United States. With the Year of the Dragon, the Asian economy is galvanized and multiplies its energy. Incentives offered by Morocco to the local and foreign investors can galvanize national and African economics, while absorbing some of the surplus productions of Asian Countries.


The speakers were chosen for their expertise and ability to pass on their knowledge, so the experience of the Asian Business Forum in Morocco can be beneficial for all participants. The lectures are offered in simultaneous French / English, carried out by experienced translators, operating in the fields concerned.


SESSION 1 : The Future Cooperation with Asia
This session is intended to draw the major trends in the evolution of financial interactions, economic and trade between Morocco, Africa and Asia. Further analysis of these trends is fundamental to clarify the conditions for control and practice of trade.
SESSION 2 : Opportunities for Africa-Asia Business
Open markets and trade liberalization in Morocco: what is the role of Government, public and private operators? How to draw in practice Free Trade Agreements, and what will be the future in this area? Getting the most of regulatory frameworks? What are the growth sectors to invest in (renewable energies, tourism, mining, heavy infrastructure,...)?
SESSION 3 : Economic incentives: here and elsewhere
This session aims to detail the economic incentives, benefits of different regulations, here and elsewhere, to maximize economic interactions and expand margins.
SESSION 4 : Strategic Alliances: sharing of experiences
Trade with Asia is currently undergoing a decisive change in its organization and its regulation. This session will attempt to answer many questions: issues for public and private operators, consumer issues, impacts on the economic and social development for Morocco and Africa.


«Morocco-Asia: towards a new kind of partnership»

Globalization has become part of everyday business. We got back in the era of global village and the jungle of business is becoming denser while the profitability is shrinking.            

How Morocco, and Africa, with significant potential for growth, can build on its advantageous geographical location and Free Trade Agreements to contribute to the construction of an exemplary co-development, and register as a partner in it.

Will participate to this panel, reknown witnesses, domestic and international leading analysts. They will try to identify some recommendations to initiate a South-South partnership of a new kind with Asia, within the financial, economic and societal perspectives open in Africa.